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Electrical control panels
Electrical control panels we deal in have been designed for controlling the mechanical equipment. These are proffered with the specific equipment arrangement and allow the operator to control the specified equipment.
Motor Control Center Panel
The Motor control center panels are the assemblies made to control the electric motors. These have multiple enclosed sections in which the role of combination starter is pivotal.
DG Control Panel
The DG Control panels offered by us are capable to run many critical loads. These have been specially designed as well as engineered to mechanize the electric network.
Control Panel
Control Panels are suited for altering the setting of the computer system. These are also pat for configuring Windows settings. With the use of this, view, time settings, and hardware settings can be updated.
Power Control Center Panel
Power Control Centre Panel is apt for the distribution as well as control of assorted power source. It can work well even when the fault level is high. The said panel allows for organized work and high safety.
APFC Panel

APFC Panels are functional as the highly automatic electrical devices, which have been made to boost the ability factor, whenever needed. The said panels have been made to mechanize capacitor bank and are suited for applications, where high and controlled amount of electricity is needed.

Cable Trays

Cable trays supplied by us are the high-quality mechanical support systems, which are made to support electrical cables for communication, power distribution, control, etc. The said trays are offered with safe operation. 

Electrical Panels

The main function of electric panels is to control and protect the power distribution for large production sectors. These are functional as the low voltage panel which allocate electricity to many electrical devices.

Low Tension Control Panels

Low Tension Control Panels have been made to distribute the uniform electricity in many devices as well as distribution boards. They are essentially used to ensure the safety of the circuits and evade the chances of overloading.

LT Distribution Panel

LT Distribution Panels are suited for even distribution of power in many distribution boards and electrical devices. These offer an unvarying performance in getting power from transformers or generators.

Fire Pump Control Panel

Fire Pump Control Panels are the top-quality devices, which can reliably start and stop a fire pump. Also, the said panels help in preventing the correct operation of a fire pump.

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